Catherine Flaxman has been studying, teaching and creating awareness practices for over forty years.  She began meditating as a teenager and traveled to India in her early 20’s. 

Upon her return, she became a Gestalt therapist, a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and co-founded The Lomi School (est. 1971, Mill Valley, California), one of the first teaching collectives to create a holistic approach to eastern spirituality and western psychology and to develop mind-body therapies commonly practiced today.

After discovering Buddhism, Catherine co-led Lomi-Vipassana

retreats with Jack Kornfield and Joseph Goldstein when mindfulness

first emerged in the West Coast.  She has been a guest teacher

at Spirit Rock Meditation Center and conducts a mindfulness-based

meditation group (est. 2012) in Mill Valley, California.


Catherine Flaxman creates customized guided meditations for individuals and couples that are designed to address psychological issues through a psycho-spiritual lens.  These recordings combine forty-five years experience in integrative psychology with a depth of knowledge in the meditative arts.

“Customized guided meditations are designed to open and soften the heart, stabilize the mind, ground the body in the present moment, and look deeply at the problem or obstacle in your inner or outer life.”

Each recording is tailor made and combines guided meditation, mindfulness perspectives, deep relaxation and visualization with specific guidance on addressing troubling thoughts, painful emotions, challenging situations, difficult relationships and important life transitions.

No previous meditation experience necessary.

Some examples, dealing with:

Anger, blame, grief, sadness, rejection, anxiety, depression, stress and trauma.


Preparation for surgery, dental work and medical procedures

Physical pain, health issues and aging


            Problems with a spouse, loved one or family member


            Relational trauma

            Problems at work

                        Help for artists and writers experiencing creative blocks

                        Creative problem solving

                        Difficulty moving on or letting go

                        Finding new direction, freedom and choice

You will receive continued benefits by listening to these personalized audio recordings again and again on your computer, iPhone or MP3 player.  See CONTACT page to proceed.

Click the ‘Meditation’ link at the top of the page to access Catherine’s free guided sits that she records for her weekly meditation group.


“I have so enjoyed my professional collaboration with Catherine Flaxman and have seen my patients benefit greatly from her evaluation and treatments, that I hold her in the highest regard.  My patients praise Catherine’s customized guided meditations and they produce wonderful results – e.g. ranging from relief from phobias, anxiety, depression, grief and trauma, to insomnia, physical pain and preparation for surgery.  Robert E. Belknap, M.D., Mill Valley California”

“Catherine has made two customized guided meditations for me at critical points in my life. Using a combination of her extraordinary psychological skills and inspired intuition she crafted recordings that were spot on. Having a recording specific to me was extremely healing.  I listened to the recordings over and over and each time it felt like a new recording and I became aware of new insights.  I have experienced enormous psychological and spiritual growth since working with Catherine--finding peace and comfort in her soothing, healing voice.” Lynne Abbott, Tiburon, California

“Catherine created a tailored meditation for me.  At the time, I was having a very difficult time due to the death of my wife.  I found this meditation very helpful in overcoming my grief.  I am very grateful for her kind support.”… John, Mill Valley, California

“Catherine’s customized guided meditations have allowed my meditation practice and my personal life to expand beyond anything I expected.  Her ability to recognize any blocks I may be experiencing is amazing.  She has helped me with family trauma, healing deep wounds and finding courage I didn’t know I had.”…Lauren, Los Angeles, California



Catherine Flaxman


“I enjoy working at the intersection of psychology, spirituality, and the meditative arts -- all areas where we can loosen the grip of the past, live more fully in the present moment and touch the spark of life within.”